REQUEST: A:TS/BtVS: FIC: The Buffy & Angel Love Chronicles

Requesting A Banner For:

Title: The Buffy & Angel Love Chronicles
Fandom: A:TS/BtVS
Pairing(s): Buffy/Angel
Raiting: PG-13-PG-16
Finished/WIP: WIP
Summary: After "I Will Remember You" and everything is taken back, there are consquenses that Buffy doesn't know about but has to deal with.
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Challenge #2 Winners


I'm sorry that it took so long to post the winners of the last challenge - the movie challenge.

Under the cut you find the winners and the banners.

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The next challenge will be announced as soon as I know if I let the community open.
I'm still searching for a co-mod or many co-mods! *g*
So if anyone is interested please leave a comment or email me. :)

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Wanted: Co-Mod


It's me - your friendly mod kitty3101 with a request.

Because my former co-mod vampgirly hasn't enough time anymore for the community and I can't / won't run the community by myself I'm searching for a co-mod who is interested in doing this job! ;)

Please comment with your email adress to this post if ya want to be my co-mod and I'll squish you very much. *g*
Oh and it also would be very nice if you can tell me why you want it to be but it isn't necessary - I'm just interested. ;)

(comments will be screened!!!)

*hugs* kitty
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~ Big Bad Awards Update ~

Hey guys!! 
Heres another update on the 

Massive thanks to everyone whos nominated so far!  Its doin great, and we cant wait to start workin on the award banners :D

Nominations are closing this week!

So nows your last chance to get those last few nominations in before its too late! Hehehe.
Listed below are the categories that still have one or two spaces:

Bleeding For You - spike treated badly in a ship
Platlet - best spawn
Blood Brothers - best spilliam
Blood Droplet - best icon

You can see the status of all the categories HERE and whos already nominated HERE.
Rules for nominating HERE.

Thanks vampgirlyfor letting me post *huggles*



Fic manip search

Hey! Just wanted to say hello to everyone and... well... yeah. Also, I'm looking for someone to make a banner for my fic Killing Will. You can read chapter 1 here. It's a pretty dark story that goes back to the beginning of Spike's vampiric life, right after he was turned. Here's the summary:

The poet. The murderer. The romantic. The cynic. The gentleman. The monster. Twisted by cruelty and obsession, passion and madness, William must become Spike or lose everything he died to gain.

I'm looking for something with dark tones, with Spike looking haunted and/or beaten. I don't want a William pic (brown hair, glasses), but Spike as shown in the flashbacks to when he's killing his first Slayer would be fine. It'd also be cool to have Angelus, Dru and Darla in the background, looking appropriately evil. I'm going for intensity, you know?


~ Jackie

Banner Request for Spangel fic

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a banner for a spangle fic I'm working on. It's called The Guardian and the first several chapters can be found here.

It's a rather dark All Human AU and here's the original plot summary I wrote: "It was eight years ago that Liam promised to protect Darla and be her angel. It's a promise he's done his best to keep, even if these days she can barely stand to be around him. Then one night he finds a young prostitute, William, getting beat up in an alley. But will helping William destroy the delicate balance of Angel's life, or will it be William who saves Angel from his own dark past?"
Warnings: This is a dark and angsty fic, mostly concerning Angel's past with Darla. There's mention of non-con, a lot of this story is about prostitution, and there's a flashback to Angel and Darla when they are 17 that's very sexual in nature. And then of course there is some violence. I think that about covers it, but I'll add specific warnings for various chapters.

As far as artwork goes I'm not really tied to a banner size at the moment. If you need one let me know and I'll settle on something. As far as the image itself goes, I'm don't have any firm ideas. Even though the summary calls Spike, William, he should be the modern bleached blond Spike. Darla is a very important character even though it's a spangle fic, so it would be nice to have her in it, but maybe smaller and off to the side. Perhaps with her back turned to Angel. The title is meant to refer to Angel, although he's not quite as much the guardian angel I originally pictured him to be.

If anyone is willing to make a banner for this I'd be grateful, and just let me know if you have any further questions.
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The winners of the first round of The Feeling Love Awards have been announced HERE

Congrats to everyone that won and thanks to everyone that took part and made the first round such a success.

The Award Pretties will be posted by the end of the week, we just wanted to let people know they'd won *grins*