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The Bloody Crypt

~ Art Request Comm ~

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Welcome to The Bloody Crypt, this is the place to come if you want a banner for your fiction, or maybe you’re looking for the perfect icon for your LJ. Maybe you’ve seen the perfect picture, but you think it would look better as maybe Spike? Or Angel. If that’s the case then you’re in the right place!

The idea of this community is that you post your request/suggestion and then one of our lovely members will ‘claim’ it and fulfil the request.

We cater mainly to the BTVS and ATS fandoms, but any fandom requests are acceptable, so please feel free to request away.

General Rules:

* Please leave feedback for artists. We do not want to be the cause of their muse running away due to lack of encouragement! Comments really are the best medicine for a poorly/scared/lazy muse.

* If you suspect that the work you see here does not belong to who it is credited, then please contact the moderators. *waves finger* Stealing is NOT nice and users found guilty of doing so will be banned.

Posting Rules:

* Some of our most cherished archives and hideouts have received anonymous flamers and nasty feedback – which is both uncalled for and unacceptable. Rudeness will not be tolerated and such users will be banned.

* All work posted must be your own. If there is an instance that your post contains someone elses work, it must be credited accordingly and permission must have been gained from the owner. That way, everybody is happy!

* Pimping communities is not allowed unless permission is given from the mods. We are fully supportive of all BtVS and Angel communities and are open to all affiliate request but please do not flood our posting pages!

* All art to be posted behind a cut for the sake of our readers.

* All art must be posted with a pairing, a rating and a sentence of description. Any warnings of explicit or offensive content must also be clearly marked.

* All posts should be marked WORKSAFE or NOT WORKSAFE to save our members any possible embarrassments!

* NOT WORKSAFE art should be Flocked!

* No child porn of any kind is allowed. It is severely frowned upon and will be classed as offensive material which will result in an instant ban.

* Hot-linking is not our friend. None of that please!

* We ask kindly that you follow these rules to ensure that all our members stay safe and have fun! Thank you.

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